SABV Symposium 2024

We are happy to announce our speaker for the Symposium about Sex as a biological variable (SABV) 2024. On June 13th (2:10pm), Zoé Bürger will talk about “Feeling stressed? Stress response differs in women using intra-uterine or oral hormonal contraception and naturally cycling women“. The SABV will be animal study […]

The WissKomm Ambassador 2024

We congratulate our PhD candidate Franziska Weinmar on being awarded the Prize for Science Communication 2024 at the PuG conference in Hamburg (June, 1st). This prize is awarded by bioDGPs & DGPA and sponsored by NIRx. She received the prize for our IRTG Podcast “Let’s Talk About Women” and became […]

Self-Defense Course

We are thanking the coaches of @sportfabrik_winterhalter (Instagram) for the  women’s self defense course on May, 26th. Our PhD-candidates, post-docs and research assistants learned a lot about prevention and de-escalation of possible attacks. Also interventions and aftercare in case of an actual attack were discussed and trained together in actual […]

The IRTG 2804 joins the PuG-Conference 2024

We are happy to announce our contribution to the PuG Conference 2024. The talks will be part of the Symposium „The Brain on Gonadal Hormones: Uncovering the Interplay between Affect and Brain Dynamics“ on Friday, 31st at 12:30 (CET). The Symposium is organized by Anna Denninger and chaired together with Tobias […]

IRTG 2804 Participates at the Pint of Science Tübingen

We are happy to announce a very exciting event on April 13th at 6p.m. at Freistil.Organized by the Pint of Science Tübingen Team, where many of our associated PhD researchers are part of, Dr. Ann-Christin Kimmig will give a talk for the general public about Challenging the Default: Advancing Women’s Mental Health Research. More information […]