The IRTG offers 12 projects for doctoral researchers in the area of women’s hormonal transitional phases. They are divided into the areas negative valence (P01-P04), positive valence (P05-P08) and negative & positive valence (P09-P12) .

The projects will look at different hormonal transition phases in women and apply a variety of methods. In a joint effort of all twelve research projects, we will set the foundation for a sophisticated and systematic exploration of women’s mental health across different hormonal transition phases.

P01 – Stress reactivity in relation to epigenetics of estrogen signaling during puberty

P02 – Stress reactivity and stress regulation in relation to estradiol administration

P03 – Stress reactivity and hormonal contraception

P04 – Stress, inflammation and neuroimaging in major depressive disorder as compared to premenstrual dysphoric disorder

P05 – Dopamine and reward learning across hormonal transition phases

P06 – Oxytocin and reward processing across hormonal transition phases

P07 – Neuroendocrine regulators of psychosexual health

P08 – Anti-estrogenic therapy and psychosexual health

P09 – Positive and negative effects of social media usage during puberty

P10 – Maternal and fetal reactions to psychosocial stressors/rewards during pregnancy

P11 – Gender identity and norms and psychosocial function across hormonal transition

P12 – Genetic architecture of female mental health and its relation to brain architecture